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Is Your Music Service Right for Tuned-In?

  1. Are your sales over $1 million per year?
  2. Have you been giving voice lessons to Luciano Pavarotti or Christine Diae?
  3. Are the Beatles secretly recording a re-union CD in your studio?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you don't need Tuned-In, you need more free time!

We want Tuned-In to be the place for folks in the Hudson Valley, NY to go to discover a music service that will fit their needs. If you'd like the Hudson Valley to know you're here and what you do, then Tuned-In is the place for you.

Custom Web pages for 75$
! ! ! ! !

Here's How

What Can We Offer You?

If you're strapped for cash or just starting out, list yourself in our free listing area. Your name will be listed with all the other Tuned-In Music Services, and you can supply a contact so potential clients can reach you. To see what these listings look like click here. To submit your free listing click here.

If you're interested in real value though, read on and discover what more we can do for you.

We'll create a totally custom-built home page for you that reflects the mood and feeling of your service. The page will include your logo and/or pictures, all the text you want, and up to five minutes of audio demos. The audio demos are a great way for prospective clients to hear what you have to offer. Use this page to advertise special offers, and provide details about your services that you just can't fit into a free listing.

As a Tuned-In music service, you'll be featured on our home page on a frequent rotating basis, in our "Music Services" page aimed at those looking for a service like yours. So you can evaluate how successful your page is, we'll provide a counter of the number of hits your page receives. We'll also provide your visitors with the opportunity to get on an email or U.S. postal mailing list for you. You can use this list to send mailings to prospective clients (or we can do that for a small extra fee).

What Will it Cost?

The table below outlines our rates. We know that very few people are getting rich in the music business and so we've tried to keep our charges as low as we can and still pay our fixed costs and have a bit left over for growth and to subsidize some special projects. (See Funding for more info).

Special rates for Non-Profit Groups. Click here for info.

Service Cost
Free Listing:
  • Be listed on our Bands/Artists, D.J.'s, or Services page for 6 months.
  • Can be renewed as often as desired.
Nuttin', Zip, Nada, Free
Tuned-In Custom Web Site

Create Your Web Site

  • Personalized web site tailored to your image/personality
  • Scan and enhance your logo/pictures.
  • 5 minutes of audio in RealAudio format
  • Format text and any links you provide.

Additional features (at no extra cost)

  • Complete listing on our Bands/Artists, D.J.'s, or Services page.
  • Be featured in our home page spotlight on a regular basis.
  • Post your events schedule to Musi-Cal and our complete events listing.
  • Provide mailing list support.
  • Your albums listed on our "Hudson Valley Albums" page.
  • Provide a count of the number of hits your site receives.
  • Add your site to popular internet search engines, like Yahoo, AltaVista, and Excite.
6 Months 75$
12 Months
(save 10%)

Below are some local folks who offer web page development. Please look around and compare the quality of our services and our rates with other providers. We think you'll find we're a great value.

Please let us know if you find a better deal or want to add to this list.
Additional 5 minutes of audio
6 Months 25$
12 Months 45$
Your own domain name: www.yourname.com $95 per year.

Special offer for Non-Profit Groups:
If you're a community-oriented group (school band, church group, theatre company, service/social club) with a reasonably small (see below) annual budget,
contact us-- we'll do our best to provide you with a page at no charge or at cost depending on your requirements. We're also receptive to an exchange of talent/services in lieu of payment. For example, perhaps you could spare a couple of your show tickets or albums or gift certificates exchangeable for your service? We'd use them as prizes to attract more visitors to the site or keep them for our own personal use.

definition of reasonably small: Actually, we're not sure yet. We know that there are some non-profit groups who can barely fund their activities and others whose advertising budget alone is larger than the total yearly costs of this site. Let's start by relying on your assessment of what your organization can afford.

Sounds Great! How Do I Sign Up?

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