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Advertising Information

Tuned-In is THE source for information on local Hudson Valley music. Our pages are used by all types of people -- people looking to book a band, People who use our free classifieds, and people who just like to keep up with local music.

We have been averaging about 1000 hits to our site each week, with about half of those going to our events page.

If you want to advertise for free, check out our Free Classifieds to advertise your event or services.

Available Space

We do not have large banner ads on our site. Instead what we offer is to put a graphic on our events page that will link to your website. If you already have a web site then we'll just add the link graphic, if you don't have a web site, then we can create one for you at very reasonable rates.

If we build your web site:

Ad Rates

Service Cost
Your Own Web Site
  • Create a custom web site for your business. Including a calendar of events at your club, photos of the club, and directions to get there.
  • Scan and enhance your logo/pictures.
  • Create a custom advertisement graphic to appear on our events page, and link this to your web page.
  • Add your club name to our events search list.
  • Add your club name to our "features" list on our main page.
  • Keep your web site up to date with changes you request.

Includes: News Banner Advertisement

Ask about getting your own domain name (www.your_name.com) for your web site.

$35 per month
$190 for 6 months or more (Save 10%)

News Banner Advertisement Only

  • Seen on every page of Tuned-In.
  • A sentence or two to get people to visit your web site.
  • Updated anytime you want.
  • Link this ad to your web page (one that you have created).
$10 per month
$55 for 6 months or more (Save 10%)

Events Page Link Only

  • We'll create a graphic and add it to our events page.
  • Link the graphic to your web site (one that you have created)
$5 per month
$27 for 6 months or more (Save 10%)

OK, I'm Sold. Now What Do I Do?

  1. Send us an e-mail describing what kind of ad you would like. We'd like to work with you personally to design the best advertisement for you.

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