Tuned-In News. . . Check out our newest artist "one of the great secrets of the blues" Little Melvin. HV Music welcomes the Bardavon Opera House to our ticket giveaway!
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Congratulations to
Jennifer Newton, British Columbia, Canada,
winner of our last give-away,
John Schrader's "From Discontent".

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[CD cover: Dealin' with the Feelin']
Artist: Little Melvin
Album: Dealin' with the Feelin'
Label: Real Deal Records

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Listen to Little Melvin's Dealin' with the Feelin'

Dealin' with the Feelin'
Gettin' Your Love
You Worry Me

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Little Melvin's Dealin' with the Feelin'

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Previous Winners!

Congratulations to...
Name Date Album Artist
Judith Robbins, Connecticut 04/01/99 Magic Karen Beth
Jennifer Newton, British Columbia 03/15/99 From Discontent John Schrader
Julia Croke, Ontario, Canada 03/01/99 Shake the Nation Out of Control
Brooke Turner, Arizona 02/15/99 in His eyes Mindy Jostyn
Terry Ing, Ontario, Canada 02/15/99 Five Miles From Hope Mindy Jostyn
Edward Dugo 01/31/99 Places Will Hoppey
Daniel Morrell, Weymouth, MA 01/31/99 Lonely Hotel Will Hoppey
Greg Sigurdson, Ontario, Canada 01/15/99 Cedar Lane Mindy Jostyn
Cheryl Dippo, Martinez, California 12/31/98 e koos´tik Will Hoppey
Linda Lamb, Saskatchewan, Canada
Shan Nadon, Ontario, Canada
12/15/98 Past Due Bonzini Latini
Cindy Rouleau, Ontario, Canada 11/15/98 She Walks in Beauty Danielle Woerner
Cheryl Dippo, Martinez, California 10/15/98 Sign On Scott Sylvester
Karen Brockway, Cairo, Georgia 09/30/98 noumena Brian Gallaway
Richard Merck, Kingston, NY
Preston Repenning, Saugerties, NY
09/15/98 rockin' in a weary land Donna the Buffalo
Sandy Linder, Buda, Texas 09/15/98 On the Horizon Thunder Ridge
Judilyn Jones, Dayton, Washington 08/31/98 Into the Night Full Moon Bay
Jason Wallwork, Ontario, Canada 08/31/98 one... Kurt Henry
Donna Enfinger, Keeseville, New York 08/15/98 In the Silence Leslie Ritter and Scott Petito
Janet Fricano, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07/31/98 The Hippie Chronicles Dan Simons
Mike Binger, Heath, Ohio 07/15/98 WWW.ebsters Pete Santora
Brenda Hassell, Spiro, Oklahoma 06/30/98 Lust for Wanda Marc Teamaker
Sabrina Taylor, Pikeville, Kentucky 06/15/98 Bloozer's, Boozers, & Loozers Celange
Brenda McLeod, Ontario, Canada 05/31/98 As Written Vickie Russell
Chris O'Bray, British Columbia, Canada 05/15/98 Pull Mojosmoke
Mark Arnold, Pleasantville, NY 05/09/98 Big Foot Jim Weider and the
Honky Tonk Gurus
Florence Imai, Honolulu, Hawaii 04/30/98 Break Out the Cheez The Outpatients
Terry Ing, Ontario, Canada 04/15/98 The Golden Rules Jack De Pietro
Ah Hee Ng, Honolulu, Hawaii
Tracee Imai, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
04/09/98 Recovered John Hall
Marilyn Volkmann, Seattle, Washington 03/31/98 Growth and Gravity T.G. Vanini
Jeff McMahill, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 03/15/98 Gonna Getcha Blue Law
Sabrina Taylor, Pikeville, Kentucky 02/28/98 After All These Years Gradie Stone
Jan Davidson, Iron Mountain, Michigan 02/15/98 Nothing's As Real Ash Can Flash
Karen Newton, Ontario Canada 01/31/98 confession Bar Scott
Paul Masalsky, Boston, MA 12/31/97 Older Than Dirt Older Than Dirt

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