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Meet the Publishers of Tuned-In

Steve Wehr Picture
Steve Wehr
Steve Stiert Picture
Steve Stiert

"I live in the beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley with my wife and daughter. We've lived here all our lives and truely enjoy the richness and diversity of this region. During the daylight hours I make my living working as a systems programmer for a major worldwide computer company (I'll give you a hint, it's initials are IBM). But during the evenings I annoy my family by sitting at the computer (instead of paying attention to them) and do desktop publishing. I even founded a little company called SoftWehr Publishing to learn more about web publishing, and to try to make extra money to support my target shooting and motorcycling habits.

My wife and I both enjoy Choral music although she's been more active recently than I have. We both sang in High School and College choirs, but that was back before recording equipment was invented. The last time I sang in public was a friend's wedding in 1980, unless you count all those times I was with friends and urged on by a little ethanol.

I hope that you find Tuned-In informative and enjoyable. I'd enjoy hearing from you about any aspect of the Tuned-In page. You can e-mail me via our message page.

If you'd like to send me a personal e-mail you can reach me at stevewehr@aol.com. "

"I could play a mean recorder in junior high, but despite having a wonderful music teacher (Mrs. Brown, 1973, South Jr. High, Arlington Heights, Ill), it wasn't until the last few years that my interest in music became a driving force in my life. Oh sure, I played a little guitar in college (any Northwestern alum out there?), but, hey, who didn't. Then about two years ago I had the chance to join a local band (Lost Dog Woody) as the lead singer (cause the guys heard me play guitar). Since then, I've become a music CD club addict, taken voice lessons (cause the guys heard me sing), had a small singing role in a local production of Camelot, have purchased more music applications for my workstation than I know what to do with, and have been spending a lot of time trying to learn to play the piano and learn music theory.

And now there's Tuned-In. One thing I've learned in the last few years is that there is a lot of great music talent in the Hudson Valley that goes largely unrecognized. I hope Tuned-In can become a focal point to showcase all that talent and also provide a real service to local musicians and lovers of music.

I'd enjoy hearing from anyone who has ideas for this site or just wants to chat. You can e-mail me at stiert @ mhv.net or send me a message via our Tuned-In message page."

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Purpose/Goals of Tuned-In

Please keep in mind as you read this that while we currently have some specific ideas for this site, we expect Tuned-In to evolve over time as we are exposed to and learn more about music in the Hudson Valley and develop more proficiency and technical capability in our use of the internet. We encourage feedback and suggestions for new ideas from all of our users. We fully expect and believe that Tuned-In will eventually be influenced more by our visitors than by our initial vision. But, we need a place to start and here it is....

There is an enormous amount of musical talent in the Hudson Valley, both young and old, amateur and professional. We want Tuned-In to be a place where folks can come to read and hear and learn about it all. And we mean all. We hope to have as many different forms and level of music represented as there are in the community. And that means (to name just a few):

If you know of an artist, group, or category that isn't represented, please
let us know!.

We also want to provide a comprehensive listing of music-related services including, but not limited to equipment manufacturers and retailers, studio and sound services, beginning and advanced instruction, music promotion, and DJ's.

Through the use of current technology such as RealAudio, we will provide as many audio samples as are available to us so that visitors can hear as well as read about a musician or group. This is an aspect of the internet that we want to fully exploit on Tuned-In.

We hope that this all combines to provide a site which is not only entertaining but also:

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Our "Business" Philosophy

It's a matter of simple respect and good business to be courteous, professional, and reliable. Both of us are constantly discouraged by the general lack of this approach by many businesses today. This seems so fundamental that we can't imagine doing business any other way.

We both have high quality standards. About the only problem here is between ourselves when we can't agree on the best way to do things!

We know that the internet is a fast-changing environment that is difficult to keep up with even if you are technically inclined. So, we'll do our best to fully understand your current needs and anticipate your future needs. You won't suffer because you don't know how to ask the right question. We'll spend as much time as needed to make sure we understand what you need and that you fully understand what your options are. Before we finish the job, we'll make sure you are satisfied with the results.

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Neither of us are well-off enough to fund this site entirely out of our own pocket. We realize, however, that unlike many nationally popular music acts, the average musician doesn't make a whole lot of money. So, in order to achieve our goal of having all music represented in the Hudson Valley, we've recognized that we're going to have to be flexible and creative about funding Tuned-In.

To encourage everyone to at least list themselves and to contribute information, our major features such as the listings and the classifieds are free. We are donating our labor and the yearly adminstrative cost of our internet services to achieve this. In other cases, we try to work out some sort of skill/talent exchange such as offering exposure or web services in exchange for contributions of talent/services.

Our most significant costs are those charged to us by our ISP (internet service provider) for our use of memory on their system. Pictures and graphics and, particularly, audio files use up a lot of memory (from $5-$10/month per MB depending on usage). An average web page with a page of text, two or three graphics and two songs uses about 1MB. As much as we'd like to personally absorb these costs, we just can't afford to.

We would also like to be able to put a some cash back into the project so that we can upgrade our software and hardware and stay current with the technology. And, we'd like to be able to fund some music related projects when the opportunity arises.

We hope to eventually cover some of these expenses through selling advertising space on our site. We are also seeking out individuals or groups who wish to donate funding either entirely as a gift or in exchange for some service we can provide. Please contact us if you would like to help!

So, we have some real costs that are not trivial and we need to spread those out among our customers. We will do our best to structure our charges so that we can pay our bills and still allow those without a lot of cash to have their own web page. That may mean we ask a bit more from those established or well-funded organizations that can afford it and a bit less from amateur or smaller non-profit organizations. It may also mean that those who can afford less receive a sufficient, but lesser amount of support from Tuned-In.

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